Interior restoration, started September 2014:

Here is how the interior looked the day before I started taking it apart. With the seat covers off you can really see how the past decade has taken a toll compared to how perfect it was when I bought the car:

Here is part of my parts hoard and part of what I removed from the car:

Here is the interior of the car partially stripped out:

New brake pedal pad installed and gas pedal cleaned with simple green:

New dash pad test fit and headlight switch installed, correct grey/black:

Reproduction floor mats that are correct and molded to fit the floor perfectly along with the original GM logos from another set that I'll be gluing onto them. The mats are made by ACC who also made the new carpet I'm using so the match will be perfect:

The t-top warning labels are still mint and the power mirror switch is still very nice and will be reused:

My totally remanufacured/restored factory CD players, reproduction air bag warning labels compared to my original, and my NOS shifter plate compared to my used one so you can see where the original warped. Also you can see how my original vanity mirror surface has deteriorated: