Exterior restoration, started December 2014:

Some of the products I will be using:

Front fender after new Spohn balljoint failed, this part of the car was PERFECT before:

Before starting I had the bottom of the car steam/pressure washed. I then welded in my Spohn tubular sub-frame connectors with a continuous weld all along the rocker lip instead of just half a dozen spot welds. I also made a new brake hardline and attached it to the Spohn tubular K-member to replace the loose original you see in the pics. Lastly I reinstalled the flexplate inspection cover and the fuel filter shroud:

Here you can see how messed up the original front bumper cover was and the good used one I am taking the warps out of to use. I'll also be filling the license plate holder holes and not using a front plate anymore:

Goodmark replacement fender is JUNK, curve doesn't even match the curve of the door. I'm now fixing the original fender at great expense:

Here is the great used original aero wing I found to use:

Here are the hood nose grills, I need to make them black again like original:

These are the new front brakes I installed with ceramic pads:

First replacement set of taillights I bought arrived damaged:

Second set I bought arrived with de-lamination:

This is where the body shop is as of 1st week of Jan. 2015:

I'm having them completely disassemble the entire car then reinstall everything so I can be sure all body lines, GFX, side trim, etc. is all perfect. They are painting ALL of the black trim on the car such as the wiper arms, t-top trim, hatch trim. The door handles and lock covers are being powder coated. They will be doing a complete wet sand when done and after about 3 months in my garage I'll have it polished and waxed. Lastly I'll be installing the new set of emblems. I'll also get a clear bra installed on the nose to prevent rock chips.

Updated picture as of 2nd week of Feb. 2015:


        Updated pictures as of 3rd week of Mar. 2015:













        The car is going back the beginning of April for them to finish the paint correction, correct mistakes, etc.
         As you can see, they broke a GFX that I have a replacement for they are going to paint. Allot of things still to be fixed and done.